Cutting-Edge, Fast, Expandable, Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective Layer 1.

Fair, democratic reward distribution, preventing monopolies.

JNFTC Presale
Stage 1/3
Total Sales Target: 7,400,000 JNFTC
Current target : 2,00,000 JNFTC
Current Price 1 JNFTC = $0.5
Current Stage : 20% bonus tokens
Next Stage : 10% bonus tokens
Token Sold: 0
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1 USDT : $0 (Only Use BEP20 network )

Unique Selling Points of JNFTC

IP Tokenization

  • Monetizing Intellectual Property
  • Transparency and Liquidity

Real-World Asset (RWA) Integration

  • Monetizing Intellectual Property
  • Fractional Ownership
Audited by  SECURR
We are excited to announce that the Jumbo Blockchain Mainnet is now LIVE!
This significant milestone marks the beginning of a new era of innovation in our industry.
📧 For inquiries about the Mainnet or potential collaborations, please contact us at

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Why Choose
Jumbo Blockchain

Sustainable and low storage

Dapps integration

Support for NFT

Easy adaptability

Plug & play multiple blockchains

3 Patents

Jumbo Blockchain is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact and aligning with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by reducing storage and computational demands.

Our innovative approach includes a hybrid consensus mechanism for scalability and adaptability to sector-specific needs. With our proprietary Jumbo sharding protocol, we significantly cut storage needs, thereby lowering costs and transaction fees.

Furthermore, our blockchain uniquely utilizes NFTs as native tokens, embracing fractional NFTs for transaction fees and rewards, marking a new era in eco-friendly and efficient blockchain technology.
Utility of BlockchainJumbo Blockchain is committed to its vision and mission of moving society to sustainable living. Jumbo Blockchain is being built to provide solutions for real-time industry problems.
Lightning FastWith an average block generation time of just 150 to 300 milliseconds, we stand as the fastest blockchain, handling millions of transactions with unparalleled speed.
Wallet CompatibilityJumbo Blockchain will have inter chain operability and hence provide its users benefit of cross chain transfers.
Carbon FootprintThe reduced storage and compute requirements of Jumbo Blockchain will drastically reduce the carbon footprint to more than 50%.
SustainabilityJumbo Blockchain's Proof of Nexus (PoN) revolutionizes blockchain with sustainable, energy-efficient operations, reducing environmental impact by optimizing network connections.
NFT SupportJumbo Blockchain introduces an innovative approach by utilizing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as native tokens, transforming our patents into real-world assets represented as NFTs. These NFTs, or fractional NFTs, serve as a means for managing transaction fees and distributing rewards.
Our Vision
JumboBlockchain aims to redefine the future of blockchain technology by championing innovation, scalability, affordability, and unparalleled ease of use. Our vision is to establish a world where blockchain technology becomes an integral, accessible, and transformative tool for individuals and businesses alike, fostering a global ecosystem that promotes inclusivity, sustainability, and empowerment.
Our Mission
Our mission at JumboBlockchain is to deliver cutting-edge, scalable, and cost-effective blockchain solutions that are easily accessible to a diverse range of users. By prioritizing innovation and user-centric design, we commit to expanding the reach and understanding of blockchain technology across the globe. Through strategic collaborations, educational initiatives, and community engagement, we aim to empower people with the tools and knowledge needed to leverage blockchain for personal growth and societal advancement.
Our Client
A cutting-edge solution harnessing JumboBlockchain and IoT technology to monitor the deployment of high-efficiency stoves, promoting sustainable energy practices. This innovative approach enables ReNew Power to gather precise data, essential for substantiating carbon credit claims with accuracy and integrity.